Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Delusions Here....

I'm about to embark on a comedic experiment - I see this ending one of two ways...

Let's skip ahead seven years....

Scenario One -

Conan O'Brien ('m assuming he's hosting The Tonight Show by then) - So, how did your act evolve?
Harris Bloom - Well, Conan, I was scufflin' around, trying to make it, doing ok, but I really thought I needed something to separate me from the rest of the white, middle-aged comics out there.
CB - Well, it seems like you did that.
HB - Yeah, people seem to like it. <Looks out into audience>
(Wild applause)
CB - <while acknowledging crowd reaction> No doubt about it.
HB - Can I have my money back for Battleship Earth?

Scenario Two -

Sitting in a bar

Josh Homer - Dude, remember seven years ago, when you tried that experiment?
Harris Bloom - Whatever...
JH - Now, that was funny!
HB - Whatever...
JH - No, seriously, can you do the voice again? Just once? For old times sake?
HB - I'm outta here. <Gets off barstool>
JH - No! Wait! <Imitating my mom's voice> "Oh, Harris, you shouldn't..." - Wait! What did she say?
HB - <Walks out of bar>
JH - <Gets up> Hey! Wait up! I ain't paying again!!!

Rock On,


Much Ado About Nothing

When we last left me, I was contemplating how much brand new stuff to do last night as I wanted to get a good tape.

I decided to do one newer bit and leave another newer one out.

But we all know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men...

I didn't do any.

What happened is that someone accidentally gave me "the light" early - The Light is literally a light which tells the comic to wrap up his set. When I saw it, I had to finish what I was doing and move into my last bit.

So, to summarize, I did a shorter than normal set, I didn't get to try out new bits and didn't get a tape cause it's worthless...much like my night.

Rock On,


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comedy Is About Taking Chances... Or Is It?

Doing a show tonight at Comix. I'm hoping to get a good enough tape to send out to bookers/festivals/etc. Here's my conundrum -

Do I do material that pretty much always gets laughs but isn't particularly original (and when I say that, I don't mean someone else has the same joke...I mean like my "wine tasting" bit, which sounds like it could come from any of 500 comics)...


Do I do a couple of bits that I've only done a couple of times to middling results, BUT are definitely more original?

Actually, though I've asked a few people their opinions, I've already made my decision....

Rock On,


Monday, April 28, 2008

Mom (and I) Strikes Again

So, a friend of mine (half of the team that Josie and I destroyed at Cranium yesterday) has a single female friend she wanted to meet a single male friend of mine, but she didn't wanna set them up... she just wanted to get them together in a group so it would be less awkward.

Fine...we arranged for them to both attend one of my shows. Mom happened to go to that show too. I prolly shouldn't have told her what was going on, as after greeting everyone, she asked the woman, "Isn't XXX (my friend) handsome?"

Rock On,


Ya Mess With the Bloom, Ya Get the Horns

Josie and I went to our friends' house somewhere in Westchester yesterday for dinner. We also played a board game called Cranium.

First of all, next time we invite them over, we're really gonna have to step it up. They had an absurd amount of hors D'oeuvres, and then chicken, steak, etc. They even made margaritas, and put lime slices on the glasses.

When they came over to our place, I think we had cheese, crackers and lasagna. Wa waaaaah!

Before we started playing the game, the male member of their twosome was talkin' quite a bit of trash. That ended about ten minutes in.

When I say we annihilated them, I'm understating the destruction and devastation. I think the Washington Generals give the Harlem Globetrotters a better fight. We were answering questions so quickly (and they were "lucking" into such difficult questions) that it almost seemed like an SNL sketch, but funnier ( me, anyway).

I'm surprised they gave us a lift to the subway after, partially due to embarrassment, but also due to my concern with whether they'd be able to stand.

The lesson here is...Never talk trash to someone who has a blog.

Rock On,


Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Word Sums It Up

I was feeling good about my comedic progress the last few weeks, then I did two shows this weekend.


Rock On,


What I See

When I opened to this pager, here is the ad featured on the right side...

American's are 80% Acidic
Discover the right foods and bring balance back to your body today.

First of all, I'm prolly closer to 90 percent...secondly, methinks they need a new editor...or, as they would prolly say, "editor's."

Rock On.


Friday, April 25, 2008

I Have Stubby Fingers

A couple of posts ago, I found out thanks to a recently taken picture, that I have a small head. Weird thing is no one's ever said anything about it, even in joking (and my friends would definitely joke about it). That leads me to one conclusion... it's getting smaller.

A frightening thought, indeed. I wonder if Josh will be so kind as to show what I may look like in ten years, since here he showed what I prolly looked like ten years ago.

ANYWAY, I got a new cell phone. I also got Tetris for it. Only problem is that every freakin' game is ended when I press the wrong button cause my fingers are too fat for the phone, something that never happened on my old phone.

Hmmm... I wonder if they're getting stubbier.

Rock On,


Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Girlfriend Is Like Me (Twenty Years Ago)

Last night, Josie wanted ice, but upon looking in the freezer, she saw that all the trays were empty (except one, which I had just refilled with water, having finished the ice that day).

Skip to this afternoon... I am home, about to take Stewie to the dog run. I look in the freezer for ice for his water bowl (what?!?). The one I had refilled yesterday was now ready.

I also noticed the other trays. They were empty.

SO, last night, after seeing they were empty, she apparently left them in there. And then it hit me.

She must've used up the ice to begin with as I never woulda put an empty tray in the freezer.


Now I know how my mom used to feel when I did the same thing with the orange juice back when I was living at home.

Rock On,


Talk About A Show About Nothing

Saw a promo for The Real Housewives of New Jersey - it was described as "like The Sopranos, without the mafia."


Rock On,


No One Wants To Take Responsibility

It's always someone else's fault.

Here at work, everyone talks about what an idiot everyone else is. I'm prolly the only person here who's ever made a mistake (or is an idiot).

I have to admit, sometimes, I try my best to blame others as well. Went to dinner with friends last night and it was up to me to pick the restaurant. Instead of going with my first choice, I ended up choosing one that another friend had recommended.

That way, if it sucked, I could blame him.

Ended up being really good, so, to paraphrase Howard Jones, no one had to be blamed.

But it was good to be prepared.

Rock On,


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scrabble Anyone (Else)?

Played Scrabble with Josie last night - not on Facebook this time - we actually took out the board and tiles and ran it old school! (We also didn't allow each other the ridiculous two-letter words that Scrabulous allows.)

My favorite and least favorite part were her reactions.

At one point, frustrated at the way the game was going, she goes, "! (I played coop twice) What the hell!"

After I made a move that ruined her planned usage of a "triple word score" spot, she simply said, "I hate you."

Thing is, she said it with an amount of gravitas that suggested she wasn't kidding.

I was almost afraid to win...almost, being the key word.

Rock On,


So, That's Not Normal?

I woke up yesterday with a bad pain in the left side.

I started sweating and almost fainted when I thought it must be The Cancer.

Feeling better today. Musta been a muscle strain.

Josie thinks I need help.

Rock On,


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Is What I'm Up Against...

I told this guy at work that my macaroons came out so good, I think I'm gonna market them under the the brand name "MacaBlooms!"

He said, "I don't get it."

I explained, "You know, they're normally called last name is Bloom..."

After we stared at each other for a few seconds, he said, "I still don't get it."

Rock On,


One Pic From Passover

I call this.... BeetleJuice....

There's a comic who does a bit about what a big head he has. Looking at this pic, I think I could do the reverse.

Rock On,


Monday, April 21, 2008

Not Nearly As Bad As I'd Pictured It

So, we did it. Here are some highlights...

1 - Josie kept asking me to try the matzoh balls she was making, as if I'm some sort of jewish gordon ramsey ("You call these matzoh balls?!? I wouldn't serve these to my dog!!!")

2 - One of my friends actually attempted to read The Four Questions - he quit when he realized that no one was listening.

3 - Josie bought this sweet, red wine that a recipe called for. It was prolly the worst wine I've ever tried. Never again will we buy wine that sez on the side "Contains 0% Juice."

4 - One of Josie's friends had never tried gefilte fish before. Gamely, she nibbled at a piece. Her reaction?

"It's not horrible but I'm not gonna eat any more."

5 - My macaroons came out awesome, so awesome in fact, that Josie suggested I sell them as...are you ready? Wait for it...wait for it...


(What can I tell ya?)

6 - We got into a "Who's the smartest person you know" debate. It ended as it usually does - blood everywhere, police, mugshots.

Rock on,


Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Tired To Think of Real Post...

So I'll just announce that I'm running and hosting a benefit at Gotham Comedy Club for Parkinson's Disease (Specifically, this organization) on June 11th, at 7:00 PM.

That is all (for today)

Rock On,


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ummm, Is Anyone In There? I See You Moving!

Did a show last night for ten people at a bagel store in New Jersey. It was actually a fun lil show.

Funniest thing to me about the night was seeing this sign out front...

What you don't see are the stairs leading up to the front door. I'm picturing someone ringing it, the guy at the counter going, "Oh, for heaven's sake!" and then calling out to the kitchen for help to carry the dude into the restaurant.

I'd assume that after the first few times, they first ask if they're getting something to go - if so, they're just bring it to them.

Rock On,


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mom Does It Again

Last night, my mom called, wanting to speak to Josie about dinner plans for Saturday. Josie mentioned how I do some cooking. Mom sez....

"Really? That's great...It'll come in handy if he's alone again."

Rock On,


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Being There For Each Other

Josie and I support each other whenever possible.

She often comes to comedy clubs, where she drinks and laughs.

This past weekend, I went to a remembrance of victims of violent crime meeting at a church, where we sang sad songs, prayed and cried.


Rock On,


Monday, April 14, 2008

A Break From Tradition

Every year since I can remember, about a week or two before Passover, my mom and I have had the same conversation ....

Mom - I'd love to make Passover dinner, but I'm too tired.
Me - Okay.

It was a very short conversation.

Thanks to Josie's presence at a pre-Passover lunch this year, that conversation was slightly altered...

Mom - I'd love to make Passover dinner, but I'm too tired.
Me - Okay.
Josie - We'll do it!
Me -Huh?

And so, this Saturday, thanks to Josie (thanks a lot), we are gonna have mom, my bro, my nephew, and a couple of friends (after hearing about this, they want to see the spectacle) over for Passover dinner.

Josie's actually making matzoh ball soup, Charoset (btw - you wouldn't believe how I spelled this before looking it up), etc.

Even though I don't recall volunteering, I'm making the macaroons.

Rock On,


Now You Can See Me Live at Gotham

I finally put a new clip of my stand up on You Tube.

I have a buddy who will tell you that he saw events live if he saw them on TV while it was occurring.

You're right...he's an idiot.

Rock On,


Friday, April 11, 2008


So this guy who was in the audience at my show Friday night, not only wanted me to send him an autographed headshot (I did) , but made me one of his "top friends" on MySpace.

Not sure if I should be honored...or frightened (esp considering I didn't do well that night)

Rock On,


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Written by Beavis and/or Butthead

Since this site refuses to post it, I'll post this here:

Why the quotes?

Also, the twelve year old inside me loves that they're looking for a "meat manager."

Rock on,


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chef Boy R. Dee, At Your Service...

In the hotel I stayed in Lancaster, there was a "cafe" at the end of the lobby. It was more like a lunchroom cafeteria set-up, but with carpeting. The pics I took with my phone weren't great, but here's a pic of the menu...

As you can (or can't) see, they served Nachos, Chicken Fingers, Hot Dogs, etc. The chef actually served it. How did I know he was the chef? And why do I call him a chef? Well...
Cause he wore a chef's hat!
Rock On,

I Think I Need Coffee

I went to The Moth last night, where Dan Kennedy rocked it as only he (and prolly a few others) can. I wore ripped jeans and a t-shirt that read "The Things You Own End Up Owning You."

This morning, I am sitting in my cubicle on Wall Street, wearing my muted-striped suit from Barney's, my Ferragamo tie and my black lace-ups from Johnston & Murphy's.

I'm certain I'm a fraud...I'm just not sure whether it was last night or this morning.

Rock On,


Monday, April 7, 2008

An Idea For A Reality Show Based On The Show I Did Tonight...

Take seven comics ... put them on stage, one by one, and give them each five minutes to perform.

See who does best with ten people in the audience.

The catch?

No one in the audience speaks English.

Rock On,


p.s. I would be eliminated in the first round (as would everyone else I performed with tonight)

Here Ya Go!

Video of Stewie and I on The CBS Early Show.

I think my comments make Stew seem mentally challenged.

btw - Noticed how I stopped myself from cursing?

Also, I can't help but think the German Shepard owner cheated. See how the blanket was slightly pulled up? The dog knew how to get in! (Not that I'm bitter)

Here's a written summary.

Rock On,


Two Words On Scrapple...

It's gross.

btw - Pics from Lancaster coming later.

Rock On,


Couple of Notes While I Try To Wake Up...

First of all, yes, Stewie and I were on the CBS Early Show this morning. I will try to get a video of it on Youtube by the end of the week. I'll also see if they put it on their website. They did show me throwing out a few good lines.

Secondly, older readers may remember going on this ridiculous talk show a while ago. Anyway, they just called to see if I wanted to go back. After pausing for a second and a half, I said, "Sure!" so watch for a blog about that.

Thirdly, my last show (ever?) in Lancaster was cancelled last night due to a lack of reservations. I found out at 6:30 PM and was on a train by 7:40. At 8:03, I got a got on my cell.
"It's Matt. Where are you?" Matt's a buddy I knew from college. He now lives in Rochester (or thereabouts). Hearing him asking where I was gave me a sick feeling in my stomach.
"I'm on a train. My last show was cancelled. Why? Where are you?"
"I'm at Stitches Comedy Club (shit). Here with Sandy (shit!), my sister, her husband and a few other people (SHIT!!!)"
"What the heck..."
"I wanted to surprise you by coming."
"Umm, surprise?"
"Yeah, we got a baby sitter and everything."
"Oh, man, I'm so sorry..."

The rest of the conversation isn't important but it generally consisted of me apologizing and feeling bad.

To add insult to injury, I was bored all weekend, and while Matt was in town, he didn't wanna bug me since he assumed I had brought Josie with me.


Rock On,


Sunday, April 6, 2008

This Is NOT a Test....

Okay, this is it.

I heard from Josie's bro that he saw the promo for tomorrow's Early Show and this was what they were promising.

I'm sure that not only will Stew get airtime but so will I. How do I know?

Cause they used us for the promo!

Soooo, set yer alarms for whatever ya gotta do to get to yer TV's by 7...and watch The CBS Early Show from 7 to 9.

I'm fairly certain that you, along with the other seven people in America who watch The CBS Early Show, will see why Stewie's the most awesome dog in the history of the universe.

Rock On,


Redemption (Partial, at least)

Two shows tonite.

First show was a sell-out. I was nervous going in due to my lackluster performance last night (and my usual pre-show nerves).

Thankfully, they came to laugh. I got 'em going and the next comics hit it out of the park.

The next show wasn't quite as good...but good nonetheless (especially given my fears due to Friday's debacle).

On another note, Josie's brother is an architect. He told Josie that my room situation (no windows) is illegal.
"Why? I asked Josie.
"Cause if there's a fire in the hall, you'd have no way to escape.

Well, Good night!!!

Rock On,


Saturday, April 5, 2008

That About Sums It Up...

I did a joke last night that I don't do much in NY anymore cause it's the kind of observational humor that just sounds like it's been done a million times (even though I've never heard it done).

"Bought some Tylenol the other day. Noticed that in addition to Regular, they now have Extra Strength Tylenol. Who the hell is buying regular when you can get extra strength?!? I mean, is there anyone out there going, "Ya know, I'd like to get rid of this headache...but I wouldn't mind if it lingered!"

This woman in the audience actually said, without a trace of irony, "I wouldn't want it to linger."

I agreed with her thoughts about headache pain. What I didn't say was that I feel the same way about this weekend.

Rock On,


In Two Days I'll Be Albino

So, my room.

You know that scene in Best in Show when Eugene Levy and wife have no money to pay for their room so they put them in the basement?
Eugene asks, "What about room service?"
And the hotel manager goes, "Well, that's the good thing. You're right next to the kitchen, so just flag down a waiter." (Or something like that).

Well, just call me Eugene. I'm in the basement, close to the kitchen. But that's not the oddest part. The oddest thing is that my room has no windows, which is quite disconcerting (and kinda depressing). I'm afraid if I stay in my room too long, I'll become albino.

Rock On,


"I Hope You All Fall"

So, the hotel.

Nice enough place...looks like a poor man's version of a hotel in Atlantic City (sans the slots). Though it's called a "Resort and Convention Center," I couldn't imagine anyone coming for the former. There are several meeting rooms and each one seems to be occupied this weekend, from "The 2008 Mighty Mens Something" (which is some sorta black religious male organization) to "The Diamond Dancers." (which are 6-8 year old female tap dancers)

The tap dancers drove the front desk people insane. They had to repeatedly yell, "Please, take off your tap shoes while walking in the lobby!" When they weren't saying that, they were screaming, "No running in the lobby, please!"

After the thirty-seventh time, they put up signs all over the lobby (pics to follow). After the eighty-ninth time, I heard one of the front desk people say, under her breath but loud enough for me to hear, "I hope you all fall."

UPDATE - Just found out there is a dance competition here this weekend for young girls, which makes sense. With all these girls wearing different jackets, I was beginning to wonder if this was like some young girl gang meetup (a la in The Warriors).

I think my favorite group here is this group of senior citizens who were congregated in one of the ballrooms downstairs (which is where my room is...details to follow). There were huge plastic dice and a faux roulette wheel on each table. I was wondering why a group of gambling seniors would come here. Then I saw....

A rather hefty, early 70's era Elvis entered from behind a curtain to raucous applause (or as raucous as AARP members get). He immediately jumped into "Blue Suede Shoes" (he was backed by a sound system), bringing up a few old ladies join him.

btw - I found out that the Hershey Chocolate tour is really just a tour of simulation of the factory. It's not even the real factory! What are they afraid Ol' Slugworth is gonna steal their recipies?

I've never heard anyone who toured it say it was a simulation either. To me, that's like going to see an elvis impersonator and claiming you saw Elvis.

Rock On,


Greetings From The Lobby of the Lancaster Host Resort and Convention Center

So I did my first show here last night at Stitches Comedy Club.

Going in, I have to admit that I was worried how a non-tri-state-small-city audience would react to my particular brand of comedic stylings. Ya know how sometimes you worry about things but it turns out you had no reason to worry? Well, that's what happened to me.

They hated me.

(I say I had no reason to worry because it's not like worrying would do anything to help the situation.)

Yup. at least last night I bit it. The good thing is that I am the MC, so I can do crowd work to get the crowd excited for the show...but every time I tried to sneak in material, they just weren't into it. And these weren't new jokes - these are "sure-fire" hits.

Just so you know, it wasn't the crowd. They loved the headliner. Just to give you an example of his material, he did a lot of song parodies (w/ guitar). They included Sting singing if he were in India - "There's a Little Red Dot on the Sun Today" He followed that up with, "We can make fun of the Indians...they ain't here...they're open 24 hours."

Applause Break.

ANYWAY, I got two more shows tonight and one Sunday night to redeem myself and see if this show was an exception or the rule.

btw - A few people did tell me after that I was very even wants me to send him an autographed headshot. Judging by how I performed, I wonder if it's for his Wall of Shame.

Rock On,


Friday, April 4, 2008

Before I Head Off...

A few facts about Lancaster:

1 - Lancaster is the former capital of Pennsylvania.
2 - It was named after an English city (not sure which one though)
3 - Symbol is the red rose
4 - James Buchanan, the fifteenth President of the U.S. was from there -

A few facts about former President Buchanan -

a. He was/is the only president never to marry.
b. He lived to 77 (which is like 150 nowadays - maybe having to do with not marrying? Kidding!)
c. He is widely considered to be one of worst presidents ever (due to failure to deal with southern state secession). The More You Know!

5 - Milton Hershey started the Hershey Company there - He was a Mennonite, which I know something about.

6 - Lancaster Barnstormers are only pro sports team - team before that were Lancaster Red Roses (I guess they rejected the Lancaster Pansies and the Lancaster Little Mermaids)

Anyway, I'm off around noon. I am bringing my computer so if I can get a connection, I will blog during the weekend. If I can't, I'll take notes. Or maybe I'll do what I did when I waited in line to audition for Last Comic Standing.

Rock On,


Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'll Assume She Meant That I'm Just Nice

Last night, a comic asked me when my birthday was.
"November 25th."
"Really?" She asked, as if not believing me.
"Yeah, why?"
"Sagittarius's are known for being really nice."

Rock On,


Lunch, Soon To Be Dinner, With Mom

Josie and I met my mom for lunch - wait - Josie has an ongoing problem with me still calling everything "my," like my apartment, my dog, etc. She has a valid point. So...

Josie and I met our mom for lunch Saturday (better?). For newer readers, any conversation with mom is usually good for a blog entry , and in twenty years, an ulcer.

While looking over some California pics, mom asked who someone was.
Josie answered, "Oh, that's my friend Elizabeth, from grad school."
"That's a girl!?!?"

Mom also mentioned that we took a lot of pictures of the prison. She stated that when looking at a few pictures like this one...

Umm, mom...that was our hotel.

Then, we got into a discussion somehow about who's the smartest person Josie knows (privately, she says someone else, so I keep asking). When Josie said that I am, mom said, "You know, I've heard that before."
After looking at each other, Josie turned back to my mom and asked, "From who?"
Smiling like Andy Dufresne on that rooftop, mom replied, "I'd rather not say." Like it's been declared classified information by the CIA.

For the nineteenth consecutive year, mom was bemoaning the fact that she's too tired to do Passover dinner at her place. And for the nineteenth consecutive year, I gave her my usual response.
"Don't sweat it. No biggie." But this was the first time Josie was sitting to my left.
"We'll do it at our place!"
"You will?"
"We will?

Aside from the fact that Josie is Christian and has never cooked Passover dinner, I'm still not sure Josie knows what she got herself, ummm, us, into.

Mom just called asking for her phone number.
"I just want to talk to her about the dinner."

This should be interesting.

Rock On,


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We Heard This is How Brad and Angelina Hung Their Pictures

Though I've lived in my current apartment for over a year, I never bothered to hang any of my pictures. When Josie moved in, we never bothered to hang our pictures.

Then, this happened.

Fearing that America would think we just moved in, we decided to hang our pictures the night before the cameras arrived (though in retrospect, who cares? I mean, so, if they ask, I say we just moved in....but I digress...).

Not only did we wait till the last minute, but I got a last second spot at a club so we didn't start till around 10 PM, which helps to explain why the pics over the sofa look like this...

In fact, they are so far off from each other, that we decided to leave them as they were, and tell people that we did it on purpose...looks kinda artistic, actually.

Rock On,


p.s. those are original movie posters from The Sting and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

If Anyone Finds A Banana in Midtown, It's Mine

The other day I was starving but only had a buck in my pocket, so I walked to a street vendor selling fruit to buy a banana. The dude was selling them for 50 cents each!

I remember when bananas were like five fer a buck (I miss the good ol' days).

Though I was pissed, I was also hungry, so I bought two. After finishing one, I reached into my pocket to retrieve the other.

It was gone.

Then I was really pissed.

Rock On,


Quick Post Made Up Of Search Words Recently Used Find My Blog

Everyone always talks about "the good ol' days" as if things are so much worse now. I mean, who wants to be ruled by a King? What? They aren't talking about pre revolutionary war times? Oh...

Well, even going back twenty years, you couldn't buy pre-shredded mozzarella had to shred it yourself! (Or wait, does pre-shredded mean "before shredded?" I still don't know.)

Same thing with Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins! I mean, sure, there were single chocolate chip muffins, disappointing many once they ate the lone chip, but now there's triple!!

Other areas have benefitted as well, like cinema - twenty years ago, they didn't make movies like xXx. Hmmm....

I'm also pretty sure there was no Stand Up New York Open Mic. Hmmmm...

Also, there was no such thing as EITF 0203....hmmmmmm...

Then again, maybe they have a point.

Rock On,


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Overheard In My Office

Temp - What's that smell?

Guy Who Sits Next To Me - My lunch.

Rock On,


Helllloooooooo Lancaster!!!!

This weekend, I'm bringing the whole comedy caravan (which consists of me, my girlfriend, and maybe a case it gets chilly) to Stitches Comedy Club in Lancaster PA.

Showtimes are Friday at 9, Saturday at 8 and at 10:15, and Sunday at 8.

I fully expect my legion of NY fans to rent a bus and follow my ride (Amtrak).

Rock On,