Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

Barring a case of temporary sanity, at 7 PM tonight, I will begin my camp-out for tomorrow's Last Comic Standing Audition, which begin at 9 AM. I hear there are already people there.

On the bright side, temperatures are gonna be in the 40's overnight. On the down side, thunderstorms are also in the forecast.

I may be doing some live-blogging. No, I ain't carrying my computer there. I will give my girlfriend access to this site, and relay my boredom, annoyance and anger, but we'll see.

Doing the math, I will be standing outside for at least 15 hours, for what will be, at most, a two-minute audition.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Rock On,



Slava said...

Good luck tomorrow. I mean it. Knock 'em dead.

Harris said...

Hey Slava,

Thanks, man. Heck, I'm gonna need luck making it till manana.

rock on,


chris ives said...

I read on the internets that Joey Buttafuoco will be one of the judges so be sure to steer clear of wife-with-partial-face-paralysis jokes.

I think the other judges are Bret Michaels and Andy Dick.

Good luck!

Harris said...

Hey chris ives,

Damn! There goes my closer!

These cattle calls are such circuses, they may as well be the judges.


rock on,


josie said...

stewie and i are ready to live blog for you. i'm sure he will have a lot to say about you camping out.