Monday, April 28, 2008

Mom (and I) Strikes Again

So, a friend of mine (half of the team that Josie and I destroyed at Cranium yesterday) has a single female friend she wanted to meet a single male friend of mine, but she didn't wanna set them up... she just wanted to get them together in a group so it would be less awkward.

Fine...we arranged for them to both attend one of my shows. Mom happened to go to that show too. I prolly shouldn't have told her what was going on, as after greeting everyone, she asked the woman, "Isn't XXX (my friend) handsome?"

Rock On,



josie said...

are you, by chance, forgetting your part in this story?

Harris said...

hey josie,

no, i said that i prolly shouldn't have told her (yes, i did tell my bud too, but that's irrelevent to the story)

moral being - dont tell me anything

rock on,


Josh Homer said...

other moral - you are your mother's son.

Mindy said...

every time you mention your mom, she cracks me up. that must be where you get the funny chromosomes.

Harris said...

hey mindy,

yeah, mom seems to crack everyone up..except for me.

rock on,