Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scrabble Anyone (Else)?

Played Scrabble with Josie last night - not on Facebook this time - we actually took out the board and tiles and ran it old school! (We also didn't allow each other the ridiculous two-letter words that Scrabulous allows.)

My favorite and least favorite part were her reactions.

At one point, frustrated at the way the game was going, she goes, "! (I played coop twice) What the hell!"

After I made a move that ruined her planned usage of a "triple word score" spot, she simply said, "I hate you."

Thing is, she said it with an amount of gravitas that suggested she wasn't kidding.

I was almost afraid to win...almost, being the key word.

Rock On,



Bee said...

The husband and I do not play any board games anymore. I cheat and he gets mad when he loses.
Sore loser! ;op

Harris said...

hey bee,

that's really funny -

what was also funny about our game was how when I wanted to try a word that I wasn't sure was a word, or in this case, spelled correctly (apparently, it's "siezed," not "seized.") I said so.

When she wanted to play a word, she was like "No, fuit is a word."

Merriam Webster disagreed.

Rock On,