Monday, December 13, 2004

A phone call from mom

"Thrill Me."
"Hi, what are you doing home?' Mom asked.
"What? It's 11 AM on a Saturday. Where should I be?"
"I dunno, just figured you'd be out already."
"Then why did you call me now?"
"I just figured I'd get the machine and you'd call me back."
"Well, we are going out soon - you just caught me."
"Oh, you're not taking Stewie to the vet again, are you? (Stewie's my dog - he's been ill)
"No, he's much better."
"Well, that's good to hear. I was worried that you got a lemon."
(Annoyed) "He's fiiiiine. We're all going out for a walk."
"Oh, that should be nice. Don't keep him out too long. Don't forget, he was just sick."
"Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten."
"Look, don't be sarcastic with me. So did you do anything last night?"
"Nope....wasn't in the mood to deal with the rain and wind. Stayed in."
"Bronwen too?"
"Yup...we just ordered in and played with Stewie."
"How's Bronwen?"
"Good...good. So what are you doing today?"
"Well, funny you should ask. I'm at the bank."
"Right now?"
"Yes, I'm sitting with Delores, one of the reps."
"So wait, why are you calling me?"
"I just wanted to invest my 2004 IRA contribution and I was hoping you could go over it with Delores since I dont understand this stuff."
"Is she helping another customer now?"
"No, she's sitting right here."
"So she's sitting there while you ask me about my dog and my evening."
"She doesn't mind."
"I'm sure she's thrilled working on a Saturday to begin with, and listening to us is just adding to her joy."
(Muffled) "My son is worried that I'm wasting your time."
"Mom! Mom!"
"No, Harris - she doesn't mind at all."
"Put her on the phone mom."
"And we've had a long relationship. She would tell me."
"Just put her on the phone."
"Okay, I love you."
"Okay mom...I love you too."
"I'm sorry?"
"Oh, I thought my mom was still on. Hi!"

Rock On,