Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Pics

Haven't felt like posting much, but here are some pics for youse...
An actual "Thank you" letter...

I was green before green was cool -

Um, is that a lion taking a crap on a toilet?

Josie at Stan's (a famous bar) after a Yankee game...

Me at Stan's after a Yankee game...


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comedy's Dirty Little Secret

As you should know, I suffer from performance anxiety. When I told this to a headliner friend, she told me that a lot of comics take beta blockers. So I started taking them before important shows.

Fast forward to this Friday night, where I was showcasing my incredible talents for this booker in Connecticut. I did a great 12 minute set. Unfortunately, I was onstage for 15 minutes. The problem? I forgot to take a pill before the show.

Around the 12 minute mark, I forgot what I planned to do for my next bit. A normal comic would probably be able to just think of another joke in their repertoire, but I couldn't. Even though I have about 30/35 minutes of material I'd feel comfortable doing in an A club, I couldn't remember any of them. I started doing crowd work, trying to remember any joke. The only jokes I could recall were either ones that I hadn't done in a couple of years and ones that I had just written and hadn't even put up on any show yet.

Of course on the tain ride home (which took forever), I thought of all the jokes I coulda/shoulda done, including my jokes about having stage fright.



Monday, August 3, 2009

The Dog Guru - A Review

So, in an effort to better train Kilo*, we decided to get a dog trainer. Christina, the woman from the rescue org, recommended Raja Shah, who owns The Dog Guru Inc. I spoke to him on the phone and set up an appointment via his site.

Raja was supposed to show at 1 PM yesterday. At 1:20 I called him. He forgot he had an appointment as he was sleeping. Bizarrely enough, he wasn't apologetic either. Awesome. He did say he'd call me back when he fully wakes up. I'm still waiting for that call.

Long story short, anyone who finds this post by searching for Raja Shah, or The Dog Guru on 43rd Street in Queens, DO NOT use him.


* And when I say "better train," I mean "train."