Monday, April 21, 2008

Not Nearly As Bad As I'd Pictured It

So, we did it. Here are some highlights...

1 - Josie kept asking me to try the matzoh balls she was making, as if I'm some sort of jewish gordon ramsey ("You call these matzoh balls?!? I wouldn't serve these to my dog!!!")

2 - One of my friends actually attempted to read The Four Questions - he quit when he realized that no one was listening.

3 - Josie bought this sweet, red wine that a recipe called for. It was prolly the worst wine I've ever tried. Never again will we buy wine that sez on the side "Contains 0% Juice."

4 - One of Josie's friends had never tried gefilte fish before. Gamely, she nibbled at a piece. Her reaction?

"It's not horrible but I'm not gonna eat any more."

5 - My macaroons came out awesome, so awesome in fact, that Josie suggested I sell them as...are you ready? Wait for it...wait for it...


(What can I tell ya?)

6 - We got into a "Who's the smartest person you know" debate. It ended as it usually does - blood everywhere, police, mugshots.

Rock on,



Josh Homer said...

but the thing we all want to know is: where was your mother during all this?

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

Much to everyone's dismay, she didn't say anything outrageous...

though when Josie was gonna use our regular plates for the gefilte fish, mom did bellow, "What? You can put the fish on the same plate with the meat! We need small plates!"

rock on,


josie said...

just checking: do we now keep a kosher household?