Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Horror Convention Anectodes

I got back yesterday after four daze at the World Horror Convention in San Francisco. I'm not gonna bore y'all with the details (you'll have to buy issue 5 of Surreal for that!) but I do have a couple of anecdotes that you'll like (and hopefully Surreal readers will as well since they're going into my story....

Bronwen came with me, and by midday Friday she was already bored (we got in Thursday midday). I explained that I had warned her I was gonna be busy with the convention...panels, meeting people, watching Surreal's booth, etc.

Her reply?

"I thought you were joking!"

God help me.

Also, on the elevator, Bronwen eavesdropped on two writers...

"That's a nice book," one said, weighing it in his hand, "but I think I got you beat." He handed the book to the other person and took a different book out of his bag. "Check this out."
"Impressive," the other replied, holding it in one hand, "But, I think mine's denser."

It was like American Psycho, but geekier.

Rock On,