Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comedy Is About Taking Chances... Or Is It?

Doing a show tonight at Comix. I'm hoping to get a good enough tape to send out to bookers/festivals/etc. Here's my conundrum -

Do I do material that pretty much always gets laughs but isn't particularly original (and when I say that, I don't mean someone else has the same joke...I mean like my "wine tasting" bit, which sounds like it could come from any of 500 comics)...


Do I do a couple of bits that I've only done a couple of times to middling results, BUT are definitely more original?

Actually, though I've asked a few people their opinions, I've already made my decision....

Rock On,



josie said...

i still say go for 'mom voice'. at least once.

Harris said...

hey josie,

there's a difference between taking chances and suicide. if i did that tonight, never having done it, i'm setting myself up for failure...and you up for a bunch of "told ya so's."

rock on,


Anonymous said...

More original...you need to try to stand out.

Josh Homer said...

I take it from your reply to Josie you're doing the new material?


Harris said...

hey anonymous,

i hear ya - this is one business where you can't try to blend in - unlike, say, accounting, where I've blended in for years..quite well, I might add.

hey josh homer,

yeah... here's the way i see it - worst comes to worst, the jokes bomb, i even get booed...whatever - I will make another tape some other day talkin' about how dogs are like kids and popcorn.

but unitl i do these jokes in front of a real crowd (like more than 15 teenagers, which is what i did this weekend), i'l never know.

rock on,


Anonymous said...

I wish I hadn't read your intentions before posting my comment, because I was going to say blend in a little of both. That way you could follow up a bomb with a sure thing and it looks like the crowd's just indecisive.

But of course you won't bomb. Positive thinking goes a long way.

By the way, one of these days when I'm home and MySpace isn't blocked from my computer, I'll check out your schedule and maybe come see ya.

Harris said...

hey caitlin,

actually, that IS what i'm gonna do (blend of both) - I dont wanna take teh chance of removing too many sure-things for "maybe's"

lemmee know if/when you are thinking of coming, for two reasons...

1 - due to my status (somewhere in the foggy area between amateur and pro), some of my shows are much beter than others

2 - some shows I can get you in fo' free, or at least reduced rates.

so, yeah, lemmee know

rock on,