Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Delusions Here....

I'm about to embark on a comedic experiment - I see this ending one of two ways...

Let's skip ahead seven years....

Scenario One -

Conan O'Brien ('m assuming he's hosting The Tonight Show by then) - So, how did your act evolve?
Harris Bloom - Well, Conan, I was scufflin' around, trying to make it, doing ok, but I really thought I needed something to separate me from the rest of the white, middle-aged comics out there.
CB - Well, it seems like you did that.
HB - Yeah, people seem to like it. <Looks out into audience>
(Wild applause)
CB - <while acknowledging crowd reaction> No doubt about it.
HB - Can I have my money back for Battleship Earth?

Scenario Two -

Sitting in a bar

Josh Homer - Dude, remember seven years ago, when you tried that experiment?
Harris Bloom - Whatever...
JH - Now, that was funny!
HB - Whatever...
JH - No, seriously, can you do the voice again? Just once? For old times sake?
HB - I'm outta here. <Gets off barstool>
JH - No! Wait! <Imitating my mom's voice> "Oh, Harris, you shouldn't..." - Wait! What did she say?
HB - <Walks out of bar>
JH - <Gets up> Hey! Wait up! I ain't paying again!!!

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...


that's pretty funny. I think the actual truth is somewhere in the middle.


PS - I actually think its a great idea, once you hammer out the kinks you'll be better than all of us.

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

one of my fave bands, Pop Will Eat Itself, has a song titled, "Lived in Splendor, Died in Chaos" - In my dreams, I live in splendor and die in chaos.

rock on,