Friday, August 1, 2008

When The Cat's Away, The Mice Shall Eat Bizarre Foods

So Josie's off to Georgia for an outdoor wedding this weekend (ugh) so I got the place to myself (and Stewie)...You know what that means!!!

That's right! Wild Boar Sausage...made from "feral swine."
Certainly not the oddest thing I've eaten.
By the way, the fact that I'm eating this only when Josie is not around is prolly one of the main reasons why married men live longer than single men.
Food review this weekend!
Rock On,


Anonymous said...

You should be careful it doesn't give you the feral runs...

DM said...

You can learn to make your own at:

Who needs a caterer...

Emily said...

Awesome - I love wild boar sausage! Do you just eat it plain or do you have a great recipe? I'm working my way through a 10 lb. box, so I'm always looking for new ideas. So far, the biggest hit has been the sausage skewered with watercress and figs.

Harris said...

Hey anonymous,

I think that's a done deal.

hey dm,

Make my own? What am I? A man?!?

hey emily,

I've had in restaurants, but I dont recall how it was prepared. This will be my first time "making it" (ok, heating it up) on my own.

I'm way to lazy to make skewers. What kinda seasonings do you recommend?

Rock On,


Daniel said...

D'Artagnan is the gold standard for feral meat products. You have chosen well, my man. Enjoy!

Harris said...

hey daniel,

really? i must have a sixth sense about such things.

rock on,