Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still MORE Olympic Coverage

I was watching the equestrian finals today (yes, I lead an exciting life) and couldn't help but wonder who gets the actual medals...the riders (are they called jockeys?), or the horses? The horses do all the work...what do the riders do, besides perhaps yelling "Jump!" at the appropriate time.

The horses are taking all the chances, even taking steroids!

Instead of Gold, Silver and Bronze, I would think they'd give Chocolate, Carrots and Hay (I'll assume every animal loves chocolate...though dunno if they are like dogs and can't eat it).

I think my favorite part was the announcer telling us after one horse knocked over a hurdle, "She barely made it over the last one...that shouda been a warning sign for her."

Yeah, the horses are analyzing their own jumps. I'm sure it was the pressure of the situation.

The American rider was named Beezie Madden and got her first pony as a birthday gift when she was four.

I rooted against her as I hate anyone who had a pony as a child.

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