Monday, August 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged

So, Sarah tagged me on her blog. It basically means I have to comply or else, umm, prolly nothing since I'm not superstitious. This is exactly why she's gonna be disappointed with my response.

Check her link for the rules, but basically, I gotta list six unspectacular quirks of mine. Problem is, I really don't have many (unspectacular or otherwise). So, to appease the Blogging Gods, I'll do six unspectacular quirks of mine and Josie's....

1 - Josie never sets the alarm for a time that ends in a five or zero (I woke up today at 6:41 AM).

2 - I never shower in a public place - one time, I played racquetball with a high school teacher of time. He went to take a shower after and showed me where they were. I told him I couldn't take one "cause I had a cold." In retrospect, that excuse made no sense as why would it be better to go outside sweaty? Whatevs...

3 - Speaking of showers, Josie has a "drying system." She dries off the exact same way after each shower. Josie has lots of systems actually - I think that's the one thing she's worried about when it comes to our impending nuptials - I am system less.

4 - If I'm on the computer, I check e-mail at least every five minutes. This is especially annoying when I'm trying to write an essay...less so when I'm doing work. I assume that's some form of OCD, but unlike the rest of the world, who seems to love to claim they have OCD, I'll wait till I'm diagnosed...and since I ain't' seeing a doc for it, I'll never be diagnosed. Okay, gotta check e-mail.

5 - When not speaking, Josie is constantly sucking her tongue. Also, when hanging on the couch, she likes to roll items in her hand, like a small balls, made out of Play Doh, when hanging with her niece, or glue, when umm, hanging with me.

6 - Josie claims that I have an odd way of putting on t-shirts. Not sure I can describe this properly but, I turn t-shirt upside down, suspend front of shirt by holding it between my chin and chest, I then "open it up" by waving my arms - I should prolly make a video of it. (She says I "fluff it, shake it, put my head it, then fluff it and shake it")

So there.

rock on,



kimberoo99 said...

re #2, next time say "sorry, I can't. I already told Josie i'd take a shower w/ her"

Sarah Brooks said...

And here I thought you were full of it... I mean them, full of them (quirks). Turns out Josie's the crazy one. Who knew! Or are you then crazy one for marrying her? Hmm?! Thanks for playing along!

Harris said...

hey kimberoo99,

yeah, umm, dont see there being a next time (though he did recently contact me on Facebook).

hey sarah brooks,

yeah, i'm neurotic, not crazy....yet, anyway.

btw - i may have to do a whole blog on my daydreams

rock on,