Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Urinal Situation

I dunno what genius designed the urinals at work but they are waaaay too close together. Here's a pic....
If I'm in there and I hear someone else enter the restroom, I move over slightly to make sure he doesn't get any ideas on trying to squeeze in (no one has tried...they use a stall).
btw - Woulda been funny if someone walked in while I was taking this picture. Woulda made the "meeting in the bathroom" experience just that much more awkward.
Rock On,


David said...

I'm dreadfully pee-shy and I absolutely hate public restrooms...but they are a necessary evil.

Whoa - that is way too close, too open and too awkward with those urinals.

Harris said...

hey david,

yeah, on the bright side, i dont talk to many people at i have REALLY little reason to talk there.

rock on,


Sarah Brooks said...

Exactly why I chose to become a women!

Harris said...

hey sarah brooks,

good choice!

i'm pretty sure our restroom was designed by an aborigine

rock on,