Thursday, August 21, 2008

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (The Smiths)

Last night, Josie and I went to this concert, which featured a Cure cover band and a Smiths cover band.

Fun time though due to our freakin' commute to New Jersey, we didn't stay for the whole show.

I saw a few people wearing t-shirts of the bands. Does that mean they actually love the cover band? There's somethng bizarre about that.

I was also confused when a woman yelled "I love you!" to the Morrissey impersonator (good job, by the way). Does she really love him, or was she so into it that she thought she was at a Smiths concert? Or did she scream it ironically?

Overall, the crowd was kinda subdued. Both bands had to ask us to move forward as the venue wasn't crowded and patrons stuck to the rear and sides (where there were seats). Fake Morrissey threw flowers to the crowd, often times they hit the floor and stayed there. A few times they did hit people, once woman got hit in the eye.

Given the second-rate feel to it, Josie remarked that she wouldn't be surprised to see "Morrissey" cleaning all the flowers off the floor, as per their contract.

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