Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Hear The Jets Signed Some Old Quarterback

I am a Jets fan.

Having said that, I was kinda dreading the Jets trading for Brett Favre. Why? Because of what is going on in my office this morning....

Mail Dude is also a Jets fan. He's been going around chanting "J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS! Get your tickets to Tampa!!" (Tampa is where Super Bowl will be)

Best was him telling the importance of this to a college-aged female intern here from Italy.

She was watching him with an expression that said, "How the heck did the U.S. get to be a superpower?"

If I don't post or respond to comments this afternoon, it may be cause I feigned an illness and went home.

Rock On,



David said...

I'm in DC and have developed an absolute hatred of the Redskins mostly because of too many rabid fans just like your mail dude.

Harris said...

hey david,

well, mail dude is a special kind of annoying (as you've read before)


I do agree with you about d-bag fans...being in NY, we have more than our fair share - in fact, I'm having a tough time in deciding who to root to make it in the AL East - Obvioulsy, I hope Tampa Bay wins the division, but if the wild card comes down to Boston or the Yanks...I dunno - Yankee fans are prolly second to boston fans in terms of annoying, BUT i dont live in Boston

rock on,


Josh Homer said...

to paraphase a Bronx tale: Favre doesn't care if your rent is paid.

Grown men and sports, so gay, and I mean that in the 7th grade sense of the word.


Harris said...

hey josh homer,'re arguing against grown men and sports? this coming from someone who took his Comedy Central cash and bought an X-Box?!?

rock on,