Monday, August 18, 2008


Josie and I are spending this week at her parents' house in the NJ suburbs (they are on vacation).

We're totally gonna throw a party and do keg stands.

What? Thanks to my mom, who raised me like a prized calf, I've never been to a crazy house party like the ones in Weird Science or 16 Candles (btw - can you tell what decade I grew up in?)

btw - Weird Science is one movie that couldn't be remade as is - between Lisa making out with one of them (the other kid) and showing in front of them, I'm pretty sure every parents org would be picketing.

Rock On,



David said...

I'm not exactly sure here but I'm guessing that Josie's parental units might not be so thrilled about the keg party in their home....I could be wrong.

Harris said...

hey david,

we gotta take the chance! it always worked out just fine in the movies!

what can possibly happen?

rock on,