Monday, August 11, 2008

Yet More Oympic Coverage!

If he wins his ninety-four gold medals or whatever, I think Michael Phelps will owe Jason Lezak a beer (or two).

I don't get it...NBC is trying its best to get us to watch...telling us how long it is till Phelp's next gold...telling us how awesome we are...trotting out Bob Costas's toupee...etc...and yet, they insist on showing us George Bush every two seconds.

I just saw that a volleyballer lost their wedding band while competing. Why would you wear it if there's a chance of it falling off? Which reminds me, why do the swimmers wear earrings? I mean, all they care about is reducing drag, but apparently not at the risk of not looking their sexiest.

Rock On,



josie said...

"their sexiest"?

oh, harris.

Harris said...

hey josie,

what? poor english?

rock on,


David said...

Come on Harris - admit it. You never leave home without wearing some sexy ear-rings.