Monday, August 25, 2008

I Hope She Wasn't Holding Anything Sharp

Couple of blogs to come later, but got a quickie for now....

Some friends came over Saturday and were regaling us tales from their wedding. Told us that the rabbi, whom they didn't know, tried to learn more about them by asking them to describe their significant other with just one word.

The bride-to-be said, "Lunatic." As funny as that sounds, I know she meant it in an endearing way.

My bud, the groom-to be said, "Not warm."

I'm assuming his answer was followed by the sound of crickets for ten seconds.

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

The groom didn't understand the instructions as "Not warm" is two words (he probably meant temperature wise)


Harris said...

hey josh homer,

yeah, i didn't even wanna get ino teh whole "not warm is two words" thingy - woulda dulled impact of what he said.

rock on,