Monday, August 18, 2008

Overheard On The Train

"I have a doctor appointment today but I'm not going to go."
"I don't feel so good."

Rock On,



Augusto said...

I have friends who do exactly this because they don't want get any bad news from their doctor.

Harris said...

hey augusto,

certainly seems like a smart choice.

rock on,


Leeuna said...

Omigosh! I do that all the time. Am I weird? I hate going to the doctor's office when I'm feelin' bad. (it's usually a long wait and other people there want to talk to me, and when I feel bad I don't like to talk and it makes me feel worse to be snotty to someone who is talking to me and it's really awful! So I just stay home until I feel better.)

molly said...

i think this is my old neighbor from carmine street...