Friday, February 1, 2008

I Got Nuthin'

So I'll just tell you how I'm actually dreading going to the Super Bowl party that I go to every year.

Not only do I despise both teams...the Giants, cause of The Family Manning's draft day bs, the Pats cause they have the most annoying fanbase besides Yankee fans, but because everyone at the party are either Giant fans (understandable given that I live in NY) or Pats fans (the host is a transplanted Bostonian).

Even the trash-talkin' e-mails have been annoying and puerile, which I'm not even gonna bother to post here.

Worst of all, my numbers are 8 and 1.

I can't wait for Monday.

Rock on,



josie said...

i'm making dip, so turn that frown upside down!

Harris said...

Hey josie,

well, that's sumthin'

rock on,



anonymouscoworker said...

Yeah, seems I always get stuck with something like 5 and 2. Good luck!

Harris said...

Hey anonymouscoworker,

hope ya nope

rock on,


anonymouscoworker said...

I "won" the money back that I loaned my dad that he used to make a bet.