Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Haves...and the Have-Nots


Harris here, back at the homestead. So here's how it went down -

Comics with agents/managers/connections got booked auditions. They didn't have to wait in line...they had appointments. When they got to Gotham for their appointment, they performed in "The Main Room" for two minutes and heard whether they were good enuf to be seen by The Judges later in the afternoon.

The others, the ones who waited in line, were escorted four at a time to the downstairs room, where one of the talent scouts typed on his computer as we stood in front of him. He would point at one of us, and we'd have to tell a joke, all the while he'd type away. Your jokes couldn't be too long, or he'd point at someone else. We did this rapid fire joke-telling for about five/six rounds. And, oh yeah, there was another scout with four comics doing the same thing a few feet away.

By the way, tent-mate and overall bon vivant Josh Homer was also in my four, which sucks, as he's hilarious. I woulda preferred to be with three delusional misfits (the line was chock full of them).

ANYWAY, we were told that we may get a call in a couple of hours to do our two minutes in front of the judges later today.

Will I get the call? Prolly not from an odds standpoint, but who knows...At any rate, don't call me for a few hours or I might have a heart attack.

Time to take a nap anyway (though I shocked myself by sleeping at all, I didn't sleep for more than three hours)


Rock On,



Anonymous said...

i loved the updates. from my apartment, it's very exciting to read. i truly thought i would do myself more harm than good to go this year from a healthwise viewpoint. looking forward to hearing the outcomes for everyone.

Harris said...

hey mindyinthebrox,

anyone with half a brain wouldn't wait outside for 15-20 hours in rain/wind and 30-something degree weather.

i'm fairly certain though that i will appreciate the experience more as time passes.

rock on,