Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Microsoft Calls Yahoo Rejection "Unfortunate," Pursues Hostile Takeover

That's the headline here.

I'm picturing Microsoft sending Yahoo the same letter they originally sent, which read something like...

We really like your company... get it? company?!? We mean that two ways...you know, your company, as in corporation, and hanging out with you, you know, your companionship...ANYWAY, we'd really like to hang out with you more, in fact, we'd like to swallow you whole. Ewww...was that gross? Ah, whatevs... Point being - We hate Google more than the President hates black people - Oh no, we di'n't!! Oh yes, we di'id!! (And to think, people call us stodgy.) Where were we? Oh, right, us buying you... how's $45B and all Bob's you want.

...but this time written and signed in blood.

Rock On,


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