Friday, February 15, 2008

Bloom Nation Announces Fresh Direct Boycott (at least for Cheese Balls)

As part of my Valentine's Day surprise, Josie had Fresh Direct deliver these incredibly good cheese balls (they have a fancier name) made by Artisanal.

I thought, how lucky are we, to live in a time when we can have cheese balls delivered to our door?

When the delivery dude came with our Fresh Direct order, they forgot the cheese balls. So Josie called. After sitting on hold for ten minutes, and then being told that she can't have them tonight, but tomorrow is good, and then, yes, she can have them delivered tonight, she hung up, aggravated, but happy that indeed, we were going to feast on the aforementioned cheese balls.

The cheese balls were to be delivered at 10:00 PM (yes, a little late to be eating cheese balls, but as so many people write on their profile, I too like to live my life to its fullest).

ANYWAY, 10:00 came and passed - no sign of cheese balls.
10:15 - not a cheese ball to be seen...10:30 - same thing.

At 10:40, Josie called. After sitting on hold she got some guy on the line, who either just failed the bar again, or is a total douchebag. When Josie said that she assumed the cheese balls would come when the guy said they would, he made some comment that she shouldn't assume anything, and that it wasn't scheduled to come until today (Friday) between 5 and 7, which re-set Josie off (she can give details in comments as I'm prolly not giving this justice).
"So, the previous guy lied to me?!?" It was some dude who called himself Gram.

Extremely annoyed, Josie ended up cancelling the order. This morning, she checked her account, and noticed that she's scheduled to receive cheese balls today between 5 and 7. Idiots.

She vowed never to use them again. After all, who the hell needs cheese balls delivered to your door?!?

Rock On,



josie said...

1. my point at 10:40 pm was to get the cheese balls at no charge
2. when that wasn't happening, i cancelled the order
3. which yes, i realize still leaves us without the cheeseballs
4. but seriously, the guy is going to give me a lecture about what happens when we assume?
5. was he in grade school?
6. so now i'm writing a strongly worded letter
7. but still hoping to get the cheeseballs
8. and hoping we can continue to order salmon from them as well

josie said...

also, strangely, you forgot to mention that, during the various telephone calls, you were fast asleep on the couch due to the 1 glass of prosecco you had.

Harris said...

Hey josie,

Thanks for the play-by-play

Also, thanks for outing me as a lightweight. You know, I HAD a rep to protect!

I also took a swig of it this AM before work - can use a nap.

Rock On,