Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Thoughts (I Have Two, None Related to the Game)

First of all, I drove three hours to a Mennonite wedding in Pennsylanvia. It was a doozy...will blog about that later.

Thought #1 - I love that the Giants trainer's been with them since 1948. I pictured him running on the field to attend to an injured player, seeing he has torn his ACL, and recommending leeches. And if that doesn't work, an exorcism.

Thought #2 - After the game, a reporter was interviewing Sam Madison, who was holding a copy of tomorrow's (now today's) Bergen Record. It said, "GIANTS WIN!" The reporter asked Sam if he could relay what the headline read.
Sam said, "I don't know about that, but all I know is that we won!"

Not really a "thought" (so I did just have two), but Sara Ramirez from Grey's Anatomy was at the Super Bowl party I attended. I shoulda written to gawker about a celeb sighting.

"I spotted Sara Ramirez on my bud Ed's sofa. She was eating a cupcake...just like one of us!!!"

Come to think of it, I wonder if she knows more about modern medicine than the Giants trainer?

Rock On,



Jill said...

Thought #1 is really funny. You should use it onstage. Look, I said that just like a real civilian.

Harris said...

Hey Jill,

Actually, I put it up at two open mics yesterday. Got nutin'...obviously, I dont get discouraged by lack of open mic response, I STILL thought it would get laughs... proving once again, I'm no better than the delusional idiots that I make fun of...ack.

Rock On,


Ethan Mawyer said...

#1 was funny. I probably would've lauged if I was there as long as I didn't get another leg cramp.

Harris said...

Thanks ethan mawyer,

I coulda used your laugh...though seeing you with leg cramps is pretty funny, too.

rock on,