Friday, February 8, 2008

More Live Blogging!

My crack research team has determined that the sudden popularity of this blog (viewership increased 300% yesterday!) was not due to interest in Last Comic Standing auditions, but in the live blogging concept.

With that in mind, I will be live blogging my day here at work (updates will be done to thsi entry as I really dont see a need to make 15 entries today)....

9:03 - I walk in. Mike, the dude who sits next to me, smiles at me. For some reason, I wanna punch him.

9:39 - There's an argument in front me. Something about someone interrupting while someone else is sharing a boring story. I'm beginning to think that life is too long.

10:19 - Is it 5 PM yet?

11:37 - Someone just asked me how my audition went. I throw a stapler at her.

11:38 - I apologize for throwing a stapler.

12:01 - Apparently Temp Girl has something in her throat. She has had it there for three days. What's the waiting period to buy a hand gun? I shoulda looked into this three days ago.

12:41 - Dunno if I've mentioned this (and I'm too lazy to look back) but due to a lack of ventilation, the men's restroom in our building literally stinks. In fact, as you can see from the pic below, it smells so bad, the fabric is peeling off the walls:

1:26 - Cleaning my desk I ound another joke that Temp Boy wrote for me before he was dismissed -

Q - When does an accountant become angry?

A - When his accounts are out of balance by 3 cents.

Dammit, I miss Temp Boy

1:53 - Someone in the office has miniature Fast Break candy bars. I took one. It reads "Milk Chocolate * Peanut Butter * Soft Nougats"

Should "nougats" be plural? Is it normally spelled that way? Or are there different kinds of nougats, and this bar's got 'em all?

2:52 - I work for an Italian company. Most of the employees are here from Italy. Due to that, I get into arguments like the one I was just involved in - "Who's better, Kobe Bryant or Manu Ginobili?" (I realize that Ginobili is Argentinian, but still...)

3:14 - Just googled myself. Nutin' changed since this AM.

3:33 - I wish I were anywhere else.

3:56 - This is the time of day I usually wonder, "What to do for dinner?" Josie's got some clients tonight, so I'm on my own. Well, me and Stewie are on our own. I'm thinking burgers on the George Foreman Grill. Pretty sure Stewie won't object. Okay, back to e-mailing.

4:42- All I can think of is how my second grade teacher, Miss Winsch, told me I could be anything I wanna be...and I chose a Regulatory Accountant. Wish I stuck with "Astronaut" or, at least, "Anything Else."

This concludes my Live Blogging From Work. If viewed as a success, you can look forward to future Live Blogs such as "Live Blogging From the Gym" and "Live Blogging From My Living Room."

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

how do you find out how many people have looked at your blog?

and based on this you should still be at work.

brettbum said...

I became an accountant originally because I was good with numbers. In the office I spent a lot of time making people laugh. The other accountants told me I should be a comedian.

Then the Chinese helped convince me that being an accountant was dangerous for my health in a chop a horse's head off and drop it in your bed kind of way. So I decided I wasn't going to do that any more.

Now I'm a writer. Much happier at that!

PS - just linked to your blog from ViralGrapeVine - I put your blog in the Funny Shit section.

Harris said...

Hey brettbum,

Believe me, if I could make a livin' writin', I would. Awesome that you can! (well, for you)

Thanks for linking to me!

Rock On,