Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Gotta Start Takin' The Stairs

I've decided to camp out in front of Gotham Comedy Club next Wednesday evening to audition on Thursday for Last Comic Standing.

Wow - that was easy to type. I wish it was as easy to say last night...

Going into my apartment building after walking my dog, I ran into the owner of a local comedy club. I run into him once in a while, and quite frankly, I get a lil tongue tied. Like this time several weeks ago...

I Suck

Part of the problem is that I live on the second floor, so, assuming the elevator takes a second to close, we move beyond the "How goes it?" question, but don't really have enough time for the "So, what's new?" follow-up.

ANYWAY, as the door closed, he asked if if I was trying out for Last Comic Standing.

I replied, "Yeah, actually, I um, am, I'm even gonna be in a tent with my friend, umm, Josh Homer."

By the time I spit it out, the door opened to my floor and I gave him a quick "seeya" and stepped out.

Great, now he prolly thinks I'm a prop comic.

rock on,



Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey says, keep on reaching for the dream buddy.

Harris said...

Hey ricky henderson,

I can always count on you.

rock on,


Slava said...

I even took 2 days off work to audition for LCS, but changed my mind after reading your post. Which is kind of ironic, since you are still going.

Harris said...

Hey slava,

Dont let me interfere with your plans - though I dont' mean to inspire, I also dont mean to deflate.

But if you do go, I recommend getting there REALLY early, or you do risk occurring what happened to me.

rock on,