Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shhhh!...And turn Off the Lights!

I was watching The Today Show this mornin'. One of the annoying hosts was reporting from London. She mentioned how they fly their flag at Buckingham Palace when the Queen is home but not when she's out.

I pictured some Jehovah's Witness going over:

"Hi, I'd like to speak to the Queen."
"I'm afraid she's not home."
After peeking at the front lawn, JW replies, "Umm, I see the union jack. I know she's home."
The butler looks at the flag, and then back at the JW. "Fine! I'll get her!"

He closes the door and all we hear is, "Yo, Liz! Someone here to see you!" After hearing a garbled female voice, we hear the butler again, "Yeah, the Jack did us in again!"

rock on,


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