Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is There Another Doctor in the House?

As readers know, I wonder if my doctor was related to the dean of whatever med school he went to.

Yesterday, after almost fainting on the subway, I figured I should prolly check in with him.

After escorting me into the exam room and asking what happened, he left for ten minutes. When he came back, he quickly checked my heart, lungs, etc... and then told me what he thought it was.

I couldn't help but picture him running from the room, repeating my symptoms to himself, so he wouldn't forget them until he got to his computer.

I should've asked him question to see if he'd excuse himself and come back with the answer.

Rock on,



Anonymous said...

Is he a Queens College grad?

Harris said...

Hey anonymous,

no...slightly better - somewhere in the Dominican Republic

rock on,