Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dunkin Donuts' Triple Chocolate Muffins

So, I had one of Dunkin Donuts' Triple Chocolate Muffins.

It tasted like chicken.

Kiddin' - It's (obviously) rather chocolately. So much so, that it may be too much chocolate at 7:30 AM for some, like Josie. I ate the last quarter of hers.

To me, it's what I imagine Breakfast in Heaven would be (with a side of bacon). Assuming there is a heaven...and you eat there.

The muffin top was slightly hard, slightly chewy and chocolatey. The bottom was soft, spongy and chocolatey. The middle was moist, delicate, and yes, chocolatey.

As alluded to in the hyperlinked post, I'm pretty sure there's a connection between DD calling these "muffins" and the obesity problem in the country.

I'm too lazy to research, but I'm still not sure what makes it "Triple." It's made with chocolate batter...there are chocolate chips...I THINK there also may be chocolate chunks. If not, I have no idea.

Final Thought - If you like chocolate, you'll like Dunkin Donuts' Triple Chocolate Muffins...but maybe not so much at 7:30 AM.

Rock On,



Anonymous said...

The Dunkin 3X choc muffin was fantastic. Its been discontinued however. I NEED them to bring it back. Please lend your voice to Dunkin pinhead management to bring it back:
(use their web form)

Anonymous said...

I just learned this morning that it's been discontinued. i am a very very sad panda. So much so that I could cry. I've wondered why I haven't been able to find them for the last few weeks.
I already sent a letter using the feedback link. I REALLY hope they listen and bring it back.
I might wither away into sad nothingness if I never get to have one again. :(