Monday, January 14, 2008

The UnAmazing Race

So Josie loves The Amazing Race... since we have but one television (and god forbid I read or something), I have watched this season along with her.

I know it wins the Emmy for Best Reality Series every year (which, by the way, is like being the tallest midget in the circus), but I don't care...the show doesn't work.

It's ridiculous how every episode some teams perform the tasks faster than others, and yet they all get bunched up anyway because the airport doesn't open till 10 AM. Shouldn't there be some advantage to getting to the airport first?

ANYWAY, I was so excited that Nate and Jenn lost last night, I couldn't fall asleep. I woulda been doubly pissed if I watched the whole season, AND they won. But thankfully, I can watch the final episode in peace.

Now, I just gotta pray that Omarosa gets kicked off The "Celebrity" Apprentice.

Rock On,


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