Friday, January 11, 2008

Thanks Cymbalta!

The new commercial for Cymbalta kills me.

So let's say you're depressed. You just got fired, you're three months late with mortgage payments, your wife is unhappy, whatever....

You wanna escape for a couple hours, but you're too broke to even get drunk, so you decide to numb yourself with a lil American Gladiators action (substitute any stupid TV show you prefer).

After a few minutes, you feel your body relax. You sense some of the tension that you've been carrying around leave your body. Maybe it's Hulk Hogan's melifluous voice, taking you back to a more carefree time...maybe it's Wolf's howl. Again, whatevs....

Then the Cymbalta commercial comes on. Suddenly, you're smacked in the head with a crow bar reality. But the "awesome" part isn't just how you're reminded that you're depressed, but also how your depression is hurting everyone around you. And it's accompanied by pictures of sad children.

If I were depressed, I think that just might be enough to take me over the edge.

Thanks Cymbalta!

Rock On,



josie said...

hm. where'd you get the idea to blog about cymbalta?

Harris said...

Hey Josie,

I'm sorry, but you are....?

rock on,