Monday, January 7, 2008


Hung out with Josie's family yesterday. They made ravioli from scratch. I have trouble making Chef Boy R Dee, but whatever...

Usually, I don't care about other peoples' kids. I don't find their spitting up "cute" nor do I find them reciting the alphabet "incredible." But her three-year-old niece is an exception....

Maybe I ain't aound many kids but she seems to not only be ridiculously smart, but also, well, just ridiculous. Case in point....

We were at the playground yesterday, and another, somewhat older child wanted to play with her. The niece literally shooed her away with a hand gesture while stating, "Why don't you go do your own thing?"

Now, that's a kid after my own heart. (Is that the saying? I'm not even sure... but you know what I mean.)

Rock On,



Rickey Henderson said...

As a rule, Rickey doesn't enjoy the company of mammals that he can drop kick. But these do sound like an exception to the rule.

Harris said...

Hey rickey henderson,

She does appear to be an exception... except when she's singing "Doe a Deer" seventeen times in a row (she just saw The Sound of Music)

rock on,


josie said...

you mean ridiculous in a good way, right?

Harris said...

Hey Josie,

Yes, in a good way.

rock on,


p.s. I'll bring home milk.