Thursday, September 18, 2008

On The Move

Josie and I recently heard that our rent was going to increase 17% even though real estate is struggling, the economy is in shambles and we have construction right outside our window (and will lose any view in a couple of months). So, we're moving.

One problem - our lease ends October 31st. No biggie, until you realize that we are getting maddied Oct 25th and will be on our honeymoon.

We asked the management company if we can leave a month early. No. We asked if we can stay an extra month. No.

Nothing like a li'l added stress to spice up October.

Rock On,



Anonymous said...

I'd have Stewie leave a going away "present" in the lobby on the way out.

Josh Homer said...

just stay an extra month. When moving into my apartment the couple who lived there before us just decided this at the last minute and the owner could not by law throw them out without going to court and that lasts months. They ended up staying an extra month and we had to love out of boxes for that time.

kimberoo99 said...

Uh oh! Looks like someone is having a "Staycation" for their honeymood.
sounds like he's just jealous of you two. not like he's got anyone lined up for the place, does he?

Harris said...

hey anonymous,

i like the way you think.

hey josh homer,

i'd be too nervous, squatting, thinking I'll get home with my clothes in front of the building.

hey kimberoo99,

who's "he?" - the management company? i think they just dont think.

btw - i already hate the word "staycation."

rock on,