Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Would Like To Be At The Follow-Up Meeting

This is an e-mail my friend who works elsewhere got a hold of...


Pursuant to our voice mail exchange, here is an email with my observations -- and please note that they are based on my first three days on that floor (I was on E 3d floor before), so the data may not be representative, and that's why I wanted to talk so this doesn't get blown out of proportions.
I refer to the men's room in the Northern part of the building, where I found the following state of affairs:
- Overfull wastepaper baskets beginning mid afternoon (with used paper towels falling out on the floor);
- yesterday, one of the two paper towel dispensers not giving out any paper for most of the day (still the case this morning);
- the cleaning log sheet for yesterday was not kept in a meaningful way (whoever does this doesn't understand that one doesn't sign off in the morning for all day...)
I also received a comment from a female co-worker that the E2d floor ladies room presents a general state of uncleanliness which causes her to go to the third floor facilities.

Also, since we are talking feedback, two things that are bothering me, but I have never been able to tell anyone:
- There is a tendency among cleaning suppliers/bathroom keepers/vendors to use a more narrow kind of toilet paper (about an inch missing) than others, or than the kind one uses at home. I am sure this is to save trees and cost, but personally, I think that is saving pennies at the cost of great discomfort and dissatisfaction to the user.
- I also think that our restrooms are not ventilated enough, and that there, like in many other parts of the building, fresh outside air is hard to come by.
I understand these are facilities much-used by a lot of people, and again, these are very personal observations, very preliminary, not to be taken too seriously, but I thought you might want to know. Let me know if you want to discuss.

Best Regards,

Deputy General Counsel

(I love that it's a lawyer)

Rock On,



Caitlin said...

Working in a GCO myself, I feel I can say that only a lawyer would feel compelled to write an e-mail like that.

Harris said...

hey caitlin,

man, i though I had a lot of free time.

rock on,


kimberoo99 said...

I was waiting for the part where he goes into painful, embarrassing detail abt reports on women's hygiene products all over the ladies' room.

Harris said...

hey kimberoo99,

this is a family blog kimberoo99...i deleted that part.

rock on,