Sunday, September 7, 2008


As anyone who follows every move I make, you must already notice that I added a new blog to my blogroll...

I highly recommend to all those as bored as I am, check out the best of the mommy bloggers, The Soccer Mom Files.

Here's one of my favorite recent posts of hers.

Of course, don't check it out if that would mean spending less time here. Of course.

Rock On,



Kirsten said...

I just happened to see what good old Harris was up to tonight and I saw a shout out to me!! You just made my week! thanks, I needed that!

Harris said...

hey kirsten

sure - i just hope your server can handle the extra seven people who will find you via this blog.

rock on,


Kirsten said...

Hey! If I get seven people, that would double my readership!