Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How Comics Roll

Did a show tonight, outdoors, at this really good steakhouse in Spanish Harlem. The audience barely listened to us, deciding that their steaks were more important (the nerve!). We also heard dogs barking in the distance during our sets. Dunno if that was for us, or the steaks.

You'd think that doing twelve minutes in those circumstances would make for a lousy gig, but the fact is, I was happy to do twelve minutes, I ate an awesome steak (free!), got to hang out with some comic buddies, and got home by eleven.

Not a bad night at all in my book.

Rock On,



David said...

I would have been despondent to think you were rushed off stage after a mere 12 minutes only to leave me to wrestle with my tasty steak in silence.

Do they think I can't chew and listen simultaneously?

Well, on the upside, you got a tasty steak for free.


Harris said...

hey david,

...and it was tasty.

i actually got the skirt steak, niot a noraml choice in a steak house but I've been on a skirt steak streak recently.

weird to me how it's not considered a good cut, and yet, i find it to be the most delicious.

rock on,