Monday, September 15, 2008

The Drunk Tell

Some people have poker tells, my bud has a drunk tell. I didn't know this until I had a conversation with my brother this afternoon. We were talking about the Jets game yesterday, and more specifically about a friend at the game, who I'll refer to as "V."

Me - V had about ten beers.
Bro - Ten? Really?
Me - Yeah, he was pretty drunk.
Bro - Was he tapping people on the shoulder and pretending that it wasn't him?
Me - Yes!!! Does he always do that?!?
Bro - Yup...when he's hammered.

And it was true...walking through the stadium, trying to find our section, V would randomly tap people on the shoulder and keep walking. They would turn around, and either look at me and my innocent mug, or turn to see the back of V's head.

Rock On,



josie said...

you sure they weren't looking at you and your spray-painted "helmet"?

Harris said...

hey josie,

i can sense the jealousy in your comment.

rock on,