Friday, September 19, 2008

In Light Of Recent Headlines...

I'm glad I left Lehman Bros....19 years ago.

Rock On,



kimberoo99 said...

hope you at least socked away part of those million $ bonuses and didn't squander it on a Hamptons manse or a wine cellar! Or did they just give you gift certificates?

Harris said...

hey kimberoo99,

yeah, i was a cold caller there - i'm not even sure i made minimum wage. besides that though, the job... sucked.

rock on,


Slava said...

I had no idea you had that kind of foresight.

Harris said...

hey slava,

neither did I...actually I left JT Moran (the real-life inspiration for the firm in Boiler Room) about six months before the crap hit the fan there, or so.

Rock On,