Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yet Another Screenplay Idea (Inspired by True Events)

Continuing a brilliant series,

Starts with a group of friends winning their seventeenth consecutive weekly trivia contest at their local watering hole. While celebrating, a mysterious group of thirtysomethings's congratulates them on their victory and leaves, but not before one of them ominously states, "See you next week."

The week after, the other team comes, competes, and destroys the competition, including the former champs. It then happens the next week and the next.

A team meeting ensues - our heroes start out depressed about the turn of events, but one of them gives a stirring speech about "taking back their bar" and rededicating themselves. The team is re-energized, leading to a montage of scenes - team reading newspaper together, studying country capitals on a blackboard, chasing chickens, etc.

Climax has them coming from behind to beat the new guys.

Rock on,



Sarah Brooks said...

I take it you guys got smoked at Trivia Night?

Harris said...

hey sarah brooks,

au contraire, we won for the first time in a month!

YAY us!

Rock On,