Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Focus Group

I just got an e-mail to participate in this focus group - here's what they are looking for...


Undiagnosed? Maybe I don't know what cataracts are but couldn't anyone just say they have them?

Reminds me of when I was in college and I tried to get into a group for latinos, aged 25-39, who smoked non-menthol cigarettes for at least five years.

hey! I needed the money.

Rock On,



David said...

They really need to be more selective - I mean if you will lie about your age being under 75, well of course you’re going to lie about the cataracts.

You don't look particularly hispanic - or latino for that matter. I guess it is just the way the picture was taken, eh?

Hey wait just a minute – if you have cataracts, doesn’t that mean you would have a difficult time to “focus”?

You are funny dude...I guess that helps with the whole "being a comedian" thing.

Harris said...

hey david,

thanks, and yeah, it helps - though it's not a requirement - just ask Carlos Mencia.

nah...don't look latino... but with a tan, and my seven years taking Spanish...I prolly still woulda been thrown out.

Rock On,


Anonymous said...

If your cataracts are undiagnosed, how in the hell can they say no?

For that matter, you could be wrong about your age and ethnicity.

This is why science is bad.

Anonymous said... are 40?

Sarah Brooks said...

I think it's really funny that your google ad is currently for tarot consultation. Gotta wonder what they are picking up on from your posts when the ad reads. Lost, confused or just curious?... Hmm?

Harris said...

hey sinisterdan,

yeah, science'll even cause the apocalpse if movie remakes can be believed (i.e. I Am Legend)

hey anonymous,

where'd ya get that from? the focus people send me requests for all of their groups, from teenagers to senior citizens).

Rock On,


Harris said...

hey sarah brooks,

actually, the answer may be more nefarious than you imagine...last night, i was walking down a street with Josie when we came across a sign for a tarot card reader.

Thought about going in, but she didn't want to in case the person said we were wrong for each other.

I think she was kidding.

ANYWAY, I can only assume that google now has access to our minds!

now, YOU sleep well!

Rock On,