Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time To Lose Some Weight

Took me till 9:41 to realize that I wasn't wearing a belt.

Rock On,



Anonymous said...

Are you one of those skinny people who needs to lose weight.

I hate that.

You probably measure your goal in pounds rather than stones, horseflanks and small cargo barges.


Harris said...

hey sinisterdan (may I just call you Sinister?),

First of all, every time I hear "J'accuse!" I think of The Odd Couple (thankfully, other things remind me of The Odd Couple since no one ever says "J'accuse!")

Secondly, not really - though no, I'm not heavy, I am like most guys around 35 years old - metabolism slowinf, I'm getting a bit of a gut (yes, a bit), and I refuse to give up anything food-wise.

Rock On,


Anonymous said...

AM or PM?

-Shaun Eli