Thursday, July 31, 2008


MC'ed a show last night - MC'ing at this club isn't my fave thing to do as they pack so many comics into the show, the MC becomes a robot - just going up every six minutes to applaud (again) for the last comic and intro the new guy...and the shows go on for about two and a half hours. joy.

In fact, though a couple of comics ended with jokes perfect for me to do a joke of my own, I chose not to, thinking that every joke I do gets me home that much closer to waking up.

ANYWAY, most annoying thing of the night, actually, it's a tie -

1 - Three or four comics had like four mediocre credits they wanted me to intro them with...How can i put this gently? oh wait, I know...No one gives a crap! Seriously, who at a comedy show cares that you just shot a commercial? Especially if you have some other credit to go with. Do you think the audience will be overpowered by your credits and just start laughing because you were on a soap opera? Or do you just think that mentioning seventeen things you've done equals one Comedy Central credit?!?

2 - One comic, in giving me his/her credits mentioned "Oh, I just got passed at XXX Club, but you don't have to mention that." Now, I KNOW why you're telling me, and that's the reason I'm mentioning this....You want me to either say, "Oh, that's awesome! Good for you!" or you want me to think, "Wow, So and so IS funny!"

Sorry but neither happened...but man, so many friekin' needy comics out there.

UPDATE - Got really cool e-mail from guy who hired me and ran the show, thanking me for a great job - it's stuff like that that keeps me going.

btw - to the (I assume) gentleman who filled out the comment card - one question...

Is your name Native American? Curious cause I've never heard anyone with the name "Suck My Balls!!!"

Rock On,



DM said...

I know you meant to say that the most annoying thing was that you skipped trivia for this.

Harris said...

hey "dm,"

um, yeah...that too.

rock on,


roast this said...

why are you always knockin' other comics or the other comics you MC for? you should join the Friars and MC all the roasts. your tag lines could be: "but man, so many friekin' needy comics out there. No one gives a crap!" plus they have a good weekend brunch, I hear.

Harris said...

hey roast this,

Always? Do I comment on all my shows? I only write when something is worth noting. Most shows are run decently, have good comics, and go swimmingly.

Would you like me to write that every other day?

This actually brings up another point. Another annoying thing is this circle jerk among comics...each telling the other how awesome they are...these are bringer comics and open micers, mind you - exactly how awesome can we all be?

Rock On,


Neil Constantine said...


Way to take the words right out of my mouth.

Can't knock a comic who's famous cause they're just "doing their thing," can't knock a comic who's not famous cause they're "trying to do their thing."

When are comics going to suck it up, take on some responsibilty, and not be so weak.

Good job.

Harris said...

hey neil constantine,

thanks, man. i agree (obviously) - my big mouth may get me in trouble sometime, but so be it...

rock on (and thanks again),