Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First of a Potential Series

Rejected Wedding Ideas -

Me - I got an idea for our wedding!
Josie - Uh oh...
Me - How 'bout, on the invitation, we offer a money back guarantee?!?
Josie - Huh?
Me - Yeah, If we're not still maddied in two years, you get your money or gift back!
Josie - That's ridiculous.
Me - You're ridiculous!
Josie - Ugh.

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

that's genius and proves you're in it for the long haul (at least 2 years).


Harris said...

hey josh homer,

I agree...it's really groundbreaking too - who makes such an offer?

but hey, if she wants the same-old, same-old, fine.

But I got other ideas.

Rock On,