Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Had The Perfect Thing To Say After We Left!

So we met with The Leader last night.

Nice guy, said the right things, asked the right questions (i guess).

One thing he stumped us on...when he asked "Why get married?"

I think we were silent for a few sec cause we weren't quite sure what he was asking, but just in case, I'm gonna be checking the "second thoughts" thread on for anyone posting named "halfmennonitehalfitalianmarryingajew."

Rock On,



David said...

so you are a male shiksa marrying a nice jewish girl?

I guess a rabbi from a progressive reformed congregation can't meet your needs? If you are willing to get married in DC, I could officiate but that would require travel, wouldn't it?

Harris said...

hey david,

close...she's not very nice (kidding!)

rock on,