Monday, July 7, 2008

Disappointing (Ed. Note - Please forget how I originally spelled this)

So my mom met Josie's parents yesterday. Had dinner in the city. I thought about asking them permission to tape the conversation since I didn't think I'd be able to remember everything.

Turned out to be fairly boring - though, I'm pretty sure the waitress wanted to hit my mom.

Best exchanges occurred when mom was talking about all the things she has in her purse...

Mom - I have an umbrella, a raincoat, with a hood, a hat, a bag to put the hat I'm wearing in so it doesn't get wet. I have a Viagra pen...
Josie - Harris's mom works in a Parkinson's doctor's she gets stuff like that.
Josie's Mom - They use Viagra to treat Parkinson's?
Mom - No, that's for men to help them, get their uh-huh's, you know.
Harris - Check , please!

Rock On,



Sarah Brooks said...

I think Josie needs a blog. She's funny. Oh... you are too! But she's really funny!

Anonymous said...

I agree...Josie! Josie! Josie!

Harris said...

hey all,

she is funny...and better yet - she already does have a blog!

But, it's kinda anonymous, since she talks about work and, if interested e-mail me privately and I'll let you know where to find it

Rock On,