Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, I'll Remember Today

First of all, you'd think that I'd take great care to find a reputable establishment for such an endeavour. I found the salon on craigslist, by searching for "Upper west side" and "back waxing" - Really wanted to do it close to home in case I had to run back to my apartment crying.

ANYWAY, it was a Korean place, on the second floor of a prewar apartment building. When I reached their "apartment," there were about seven people welcoming me...prolly cause they had no other customers.

One of the women led me into a room.
"Have you done before? She asked in her accent.
"Yeah, once, like eight, nine years ago...I don't even remember if it hurt!"
"You remember today."

I could swear that she gasped when I took off my shirt, but I may be wrong.

At one point, another woman came in. She spoke in Korean, they laughed, and then she left.
"Were you laughing at my back?" I asked, smiling, turning towards her.
"No." She answered, smiling as well.
When I realized she wasn't going to add anything, I turned away again.

Needless to say, it hurt... a lot. At one point, my right leg actually did a leg curl when she ripped off one of the patches. If I were standing, I woulda looked like a '30's movie starlet being kissed.

Afterwards, it still felt like a thousand needles pricking me. Today, it just feels wet (?)...and it's a lil blotchy.

Thankfully, I aint hittin' any beaches till Saturday.

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

where's the pictures? Before and after.


Harris said...

hey josh homer,

I've got 'em, but not sure I wanna subject the viewing public to them...i have a small enough fan base as it is.

Funny thing is, you, and by "you" I mean "I" dont realize how much hair you have on your back since it's not like you look at yuor back every day...until yuor fiance takes a "before" picture, that is.

I can't believe she didn't vomit when I first took off my shirt.

But, if I get say, seven people to say they wanna see them, i'll post 'em.

Rock On,


josie said...

count me in as vote #2

Deb said...

I'm #3.

If you don't get the 7, at least post a select square patch. Don't leave us hanging!

Sarah Brooks said...

A very hairy 30's starlet.

#4, by the way... I do think you are going to extremes to get more comments. Heck, you should have said 25 people saying they wanted to see pictures!!

Harris said...

hey josie,

consider yourself counted

hey deb on the rocks,

a square patch of before hair? man, that just sounds gross.

hey sarah brooks,

actually, i couldn't care less about the number of comments - some really bad blogs/sites get tons of comments and great ones get few - i would like to increase my readership, but this aint gonna do that.

Rock On,


Anonymous said...

As a loyal reader of this blog, I demand pictures!

DM said...

I vote for pictures! but are there any "during" pics, 'cause I'd pay to see that...

Slava said...

Put me down for the pics.