Friday, July 18, 2008

My Injury?

Once in a while, I troll CL for writing opportunities (there aren't many for my style of writin').

Found one, loking for non-fictional stories about dating/sex/school/etc...but they didn't say who they were. I wrote to them for the name of their company, a website, etc...

This is what I got back...

I am not releasing publication, author or book details the public at this time. Those details will only be released to an individual once a story has been accepted for publication and release and copyright documentation has been signed. Sorry but you must understand the prospective that I am coming from.

Thanks for your injury.

Umm, yeah, right.

Rock On,



carlydee said...



Did you send them back a band-aid? <3

Harris said...

hey carlydee,

no, but i told them their secrecy will scare off most writers. they said that if I'm skeptical, that I shouldn't submit.

So, I think I showed them.

rock on,


molly said...

and this is why my husband told me to stop internet (i don't know what CL is, but i'm assuming it's of this ilk). who ARE these secret agent writing groups?!

Harris said...

hey molly,

CL = Craigslist

rock on,