Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Put Stewie On The Phone

As everyone knows, I'm a lil insane about my pup, figuratively killed me to have to leave him with someone for a week. I asked the person if she'd mind if I texted her to make sure everything was ok.
"Sure," she said.
So the first two days, I texted, "Everything ok?"
"Yes," she wrote back.

I wanted her to tell me more as "yes" didn't really quantify just how okay he was. So, on the third day, I wrote, "How is everything?" assuming that an open-ended question may open her up a bit.

The answer came back in two minutes...


Rock On,



Anonymous said...

She couldn't put Stewie on the phone considering he has been bound & gagged since last Saturday.

Sarah Brooks said...

Okay is better than, "Umm... okay." You've gotta be a glass half full guy, man!

Gorilla Bananas said...

One word communication is quite an art form where I come from.

chris ives said...

Bad news Bloom... I'm afraid that she's lost your dog.

Otherwise, it would be like "He eats more a lot for a small dog" or "He's humping the ottoman, how do I make him stop?".

Your dog is lost for sure.

Harris said...

hey all,

good thing I read these comments after I had my pup back.

rock on,