Monday, June 16, 2008

Too Tired to Think of Title

Josie and I went to New Jersey Saturday afternoon to spend night in Jersey, as we had a wedding that night and her twin nephews baptisms Sunday morning. We brought Stewie along.

The ceremony was outdoors. It was 89 degrees and humid. You can imagine my mood. Most of the guys didn't take off their jacket. I took mine off right after I realized the ceremony was outdoors.

Wedding was fine...usual wedding....but really didn't know many peeps and I'm not very friendly so we ended up making mental lists of things we wanna (and don't wanna) do at our wedding (should be a fun wedding...even if you don't know us).

Drove back in pouring rain. Actually, Josie drove, as I was frightened.

Got back to parents place only to find that Stewie left a present on their kitchen mat. Took him out anyway in pouring rain.

Slept in second bedroom, the one with no air conditioning. On the bright side, I only slept for six hours.

Did the baptism thingy and then went out to lunch...not nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be considering we had four children under five years old with us.

Took Stewie out for the six-hundreth time while there to make "sure" he didn't crap in their house again. Each time, I had to towel myself off when I got back in due to humidity.

When Josie's bro's family came over, Stewie made a beeline for Josie's niece, like he was Elie Wiesel and she was Mengele. She screamed like I'd never heard. Got him and held him on his leash for rest of time there.

We got home, and even after taking nap and sleeping all night, we both still woke up tired.

For lunch, my department is taking me out to a steakhouse to celebrate my engagement. If I don't respond to any comments this afternoon, it's prolly cause I'm asleep at my desk.

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

It takes a strong man to admit he's scared to drive in the rain. It takes an even stronger woman to drive him.


Sarah Brooks said...

Okay, Stewie is a dog, right?

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

if it takes a strong man to admit he's scared of stuff, than i'm the incredible hulk

hey sarah brooks,


rock on,


Slava said...

Congrats on your engagement, and drive safe!